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Fact: There is a silent killer that men need to know more about. Prostate Cancer affects 1 in 6 men in their lifetime, far surpassing the frequency of other cancers. Breast cancer, for example affects 1 in 8 women. Yet many men are unaware, unwilling to learn and simply... too scared to find out. With early detection, many men are often cured and go on living an exciting, fullfilling life. Those that don't, may not be so lucky.

To help save fathers, husbands, grand dads and even siblings, our team decided to use this event to help increase the awareness of Prostatae Cancer in our community. We picked Team Winter, as our beneficiary of money rased during the race. Unfortunately Winter Vinecki lost her dad at age 9 to Prostate Cancer, just 10 months after detection. Determined to do something and increase awareness, she started Team Winter. In just five short years, Team Winter has raised over $500,000 for Prostate Cancer research, participated in races around the world and through increased visiblity, helped many families like hers avoid this terrible disease. Her daddy would be proud..
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Rio Rancho Aquatic Center
12/8/2013 9:00 am
As we enter this 6th year of the Nutcracker Triathlon, we begin racing for a new cause, Prostate Cancer awareness.

Many of you know Mark and Ylva, founders of the Nutcracker Tri & 5K. This year, due to the demands of being new parents, a new job and even less free time than before, they asked for help. Hearing their call, a core group of triathlon friends stepped up and resolved to continue the Nutcracker tradition in NM. The group vowed to work tirelessly, with Mark and Ylva as a resource, to make each race better than the last. While the Nutcracker will continue to beneifit its original sponsor, JDRF, it will also benefit a new charity this year: Team Winter.
Email: Info@nutcrackertriathlon.com

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As it turns out, I was one of those six. In May of 2012 I was overweight, stressed out and unhappy. After seeing the doctor about a nagging back pain, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Prostate Cancer and our life radically changed. Determined not to be a statistic, my family and I set out  to change our lifestyle. We made better decisions about what to eat, tried to reduce stress, and began excercise with more frequency. Most importantly, we began paying attention to the time we have together as a family. However long that is.

As a life long athlete, I knew that having a big audacious goal and something to train for helped would help me fight harder. I had always wanted to do a triathlon, so in August 2012, at the urging of my awesome sister-in-law / Ironman triathlete (that's Linda on the right), Gay and I competed in our first race; a "Sprint tri" just like this one. It was a blast and we were hooked. Before long, the sport of triathlon had changed our lives; training and racing together, eating better and loving more. And I am happy to say, it's working. I continue to be a survivor and refuse to be a victim. Period.
There are many in the sport of triathon who race for themselves because they can. Some race for those that can't. Either way, this sport continues to change families as they adopt a healthier lifestyle, add regular excercise and make new friends at each race. And guess what: It can change you, too. Come see for yourself, at the 2013 Nutcracker Triathlon and 5K.

After all, who do you race for?

Don McCandless & Gay Gustafson
Co-Race Directors
Rick Van Ness
Co-Race Director
Mark Mico & Ylva Pihlstrom
Co-Race Directors